Write a letter for donation examples of figurative language

Figurative Language Examples 1. I was so hungry that I even ate the plate. What type of figurative language is used in this sentence?

Write a letter for donation examples of figurative language

Instruction and Activities 1. After reading Chapters 1 and 2, students access the Figurative Language Chart included with this lesson. This chart can be provided to students as an e-mail attachment or posted to the school-based server.

write a letter for donation examples of figurative language

Remind students to save the chart to their hard drive in a personal folder or a disk before beginning this activity. Tell students to open the chart in a word processing program and look at the first example, "in the doldrums. Students view a PowerPoint presentation: Welcome to the Doldrums. The PowerPoint presentation explains how sailors do not like to sail into the doldrums because there is not enough wind.

The information for the presentation was gathered from various websites.

What Are Some Examples of Figurative Language?

If students still do not understand the phrase, they may search for more information about the doldrums on the Internet using a selected search tool. Both the literal and figurative meanings of "in the doldrums" are already included on the figurative language chart as an example for students.

They can use this example as a guide for their own additions to the chart. Provide students with the definition of figurative language: Figurative language is a tool than an author uses to help readers visualize what is happening in the story.

Give each student one copy of the Figurative Language Resource Page. Explain that may different types of figurative language can be found in the novel, The Phantom Tollbooth. Allow students to use this resource page while completing the figurative language chart.

While reading The Phantom Tollbooth, students complete the figurative language chart by finding the word or phrase from column 1, searching the Internet for the literal meaning see WEB RESOURCES for appropriate websitesand using context clues from the story to determine the figurative meaning.

Assign students one chapter of the novel to read each night for homework. While reading, students should note the page in the book where they found the word or phrase. Internet research can be scheduled during class time to allow students to find the literal meanings of the words they found during their reading.

The figurative meanings can be completed in class or at home. After completing the examples provided on the chart, students identify 5 to 10 additional examples of figurative language used in the book and add them to their chart.

Again, they should use the Web resources provided to determine the literal meaning of the word or phrase and context clues in the story to determine the figurative meaning. Students create a separate Works Cited page to be included with the completed figurative language chart.

The Works Cited page will be evaluated based on the resources used, whether appropriate or not, and if resources are correctly cited.

After completing the chart and Works Cited page, each student compares his or her chart with another student and adds any additional examples of figurative language to the chart.

After the charts have been revised, students save them to their folders on the hard drive or to a floppy disk. They can print a hard copy, e-mail an electronic copy, or provide the teacher with the floppy disk for evaluation.

A final whole class discussion focuses on the examples of figurative language found in the story. Each student should share at least one example from his or her chart with the rest of the class.

write a letter for donation examples of figurative language

During this discussion, you can informally assess students' understanding of figurative language.Figurative language is what makes English a truly diverse and beautiful language.

To clear up the figurative vs literal confusion, here are some of the best examples of figurative speech. 1. Figurative language is simply a descriptive way of writing which helps the reader to imagine a picture of the subject or scene, and to bring out the reader’s emotions and help them to relate to the words.

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Aug 12,  · Friday's reading minilesson focuses on those examples of figurative language and unknown words in context. (After teaching these lessons a few weeks now, I have found that we only have time for working with figurative language or context clue examples if Author: Life, Love, Literacy.

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