World war ii research paper outline

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World war ii research paper outline

Essay on World War. Research Paper on World War II

The worldwide economic depression that began in the s and continued into the s helped bring about totalitarian regimes in Italy, Japan, and Germany. When democracies could not agree on a forceful, common program to halt aggression in the late s, war began; it expanded with the inclusion of the Soviet Union in June and the United States in December When the fighting finally stopped in Septembertens of millions of people had died worldwide; the great European colonial empires in Asia and Africa soon would end; and two great powers, the USSR and the United States, found themselves unable to bridge the divide between them and plunged much of the world into a Cold War that lasted until the collapse of the Soviet Union in the late s.

In Julyminor hostilities expanded into war. Within several years, the conflict settled into a strange, three-sided affair, as Chinese Nationalist forces, Chinese Communist guerrillas, and the Japanese army faced one another, with Japan largely controlling populated eastern China and the Yangzi Chang River valley, the Communists in their base area at Yanan, and the Nationalists at Qongqing in Sichuan Province.

Japanese aggression in Manchuria may have encouraged other dictators to disregard the League of Nations and to challenge the entire Versailles Peace Treaty structure.

World war ii research paper outline

In JanuaryAdolf Hitler — became chancellor of Germany, and he expanded the army and navy, established an air force, and reoccupied the demilitarized Rhineland without serious protest from France or Great Britain.

In MarchHitler forced a unification of Germany and Austria—the Anschluss—and in September signed a peace accord with France and Great Britain that handed him the Sudetenland of Czechoslovakia.

In MarchGerman forces seized Memel in Lithuania and took control of the remainder of Czechoslovakia. Hostilities Begin Hitler turned to war. On 1 Septemberthe Germany army unleashed a blitzkrieg against Poland, crushing the Polish army in three weeks.

After a winter pause, Germany attacked Norway and Denmark on 9 Aprilsecuring Norwegian ports and Swedish iron ore shipments.

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On 10 MayGermany threatened a wheeling movement through the Low Countries and then struck through the supposedly impassable Ardennes forest, unleashing its panzer forces behind the advancing army, driving to the English Channel in several weeks.

Only the valiant effort of British seamen lifting more thanBritish and Allied soldiers from Dunkirk prevented a complete German victory. Germany turned south against France and forced the French surrender. Hitler apparently wanted to invade Great Britain, in Operation Sea Lion, and the Luftwaffe fought for control over the skies of Britain.

By late summer the air offensive had failed. Strangely, from late summer until springthe German army launched no new offensives; this perhaps represented a major opportunity lost. Germany next turned east. On 7 AprilGermany attacked Yugoslavia and Greece, and quickly conquered both countries.

On 22 JuneHitler sent more than 3 million German troops; 3, tanks; 7, artillery pieces; 2, planes; and forces from satellite countries into the Soviet Union in Operation Barbarossa.

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Germany lacked accurate information on its enemy and greatly underestimated the challenge. But, in early summer, it appeared Germany would land the knockout blow: In late summer, the troops rested, and Hitler ordered the panzer forces of Army Group Center to turn north and south to help these peripheral drives.

Turning south, tank forces of Heinz Guderian helped surroundSoviet troops near Kiev, the largest prisoner-of-war capture in history. When Germany resumed the advance on Moscow, the Soviet Union was ready. Operation Typhoon failed within sight of the Kremlin, and the Soviets counterattacked, catching the German army desperately unprepared.

When the Soviet attack petered out in late winter, Germany had suffered grievous losses, and it seemed the Soviet Union could survive. Pacific Fleet at Pearl Harbor, Hawaii. On 7 DecemberJapan attacked, and thereafter gained a series of striking victories, including capturing Hong Kong, the Malay Peninsula, and the British stronghold of Singapore, the Mariana and Gilbert Islands, the Philippines, Borneo, the Dutch East Indies, and other island groups to secure a vast resource area and territory behind which to defend these gains.

They tried to isolate Australia and threaten India. The result was the flawed Japanese attack against Midway in early Junewhich led to the destruction of four fleet carriers, fatally weakening the Japanese navy.This sample World War II Research Paper is published for educational and informational purposes only.

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World war ii research paper outline

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