Research paper on ecology

Most temperate, deciduous leaf-shedding forests are located in the eastern United States, Canada, Europe, China, Japan, and parts of Russia. Deciduous forests are broken up into five zones. The firstzone is the tree stratum zone. It is the tallest zone and trees here range from 60 to feet 18 to 30 meters tall.

Research paper on ecology

Index Copernicus value ICV Survival of each species depends on its interaction with the surrounding environment and the ecology. Understanding the ever changing environmental and ecological conditions is of prime importance.

The journal of Ecology and Environmental Sciences deals with publishing scientific information on ecological and environmental aspects.

This journal is an authentic information source catering the readers with the latest trends in these important subjects. Journal of Ecology and Environmental Sciences. This quarterly periodical considers articles in the form of a research article, review article, short communication, perspectives and commentary.

This is an open access journal which allows all content available freely without any charge to the individual user or any Institution. Users are allowed to read, download, copy, distribute, print, search, or link to the full texts of the articles, or use them for any other lawful purpose, without any prior permission from the publisher or the author provided the author is given due credit wherever necessary.

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This global platform disseminates knowledge and understanding on all aspects of ecology and environmental sciences. The journal is wide scoped and considers submissions of relevant articles encompassing molecular biological analysis, physiological changes, biochemical analysis, zoological studies, botanical studies, ecological studies, statistical analysis and computational studies in relation to ecology or environmental sciences.

Articles will be considered in the following areas but submissions are allowed in all the allied disciplines related to ecology and environmental sciences.

Research paper on ecology

Ecology All aspects of basic and applied ecology, Community ecology, Wildlife ecology, Wildlife management, Invasion ecology, Theories in ecology, Ecological Modeling, Ecosystems, Ecological Succession, Human ecology, Animal ecology, Plant ecology, Policies in Ecology, Evolution, Systematics, Biodiversity,Marine ecology, Restoration ecology, Evolution of pathogens and relevant diseases, Management of Agro-ecosystem, Biogeography etc.

Genus Genus or in plural genera is known as the taxonomical hierarchy above species containing one or multiple species under it.

The further hierarchy in taxonomy contains family. For instance, Staphylococcus is an example of bacterial genus where it may have one or multiple species under it.

Molecular evolution Molecular evolution denotes the study of evolution at molecular level of genes, proteins or genomes. Journal of Molecular Evolution.

Practically, for specific calculations it is not feasible to consider the actual origin; therefore, out of a group of organisms under consideration the most recent ancestor from which all other might have descended is computed, thus, the organism which is comparatively oldest among the group is known as Most Recent Common Ancestor.

Animal Ecology Animal ecology refers to the study of animals with reference to their respective environment which considers several aspects such as from environmental factors to evolution. Journal of Animal Ecology. Biodiversity Biodiversity refers to the richness of species on earth or for a particular geographical region.

Understanding and assessment of biodiversity for different region is mandatory to obtain insight about the environmental changes and their impact on the local flora and fauna.

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Community Ecology In a specific time frame if two or more number of species is sharing a common geographical area that is known as community ecology. In other words, assembly of different species in a specific geographical area in a particular time and dwelling as a co-habitat is referred under community ecology Related Journal: Conservation Biology Considering the importance of multiple disciplines in biological sciences, conservation biology probably claims much attention due to its impactful presence.

To do so, conservation of the endangered species and preventing species extinction to the highest level is of great importance. Managing those stressful situations and taking proper decision in such situations is necessary.

Disease management requires proper preparation and mental ability and most of all perfect planning according to the situation demand. Depending on the epidemics and remedy available, quarantine and medication should be planned so that a particular outbreak must not impact a larger population or spread through a vast geographical area.Are you stumped when it comes to finding an idea for your ecology research paper?

This list of topics may give you the inspiration you need! Free ecology papers, essays, and research papers.

The Impact of Sea Otters on Marine Ecology - Sea otters (Enhydra lutris) are marine mammals capable of spending their entire lives in water. * Journal Impact Factor was established by dividing the number of articles published in and with the number of times they are cited in based on Google Scholar Citation Index database.

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Read recent popular papers from Journal of Ecology here Top-read | Top-cited. Top-read articles. Journal of Ecology papers downloaded most in Wiley Online Library from January to December are listed below. An integrated analysis of the effects of past land use on forest herb colonization at the landscape scale.


Research paper on ecology

A better understanding of what it means to live on this planet, understand her workings and learn how to be part of sustaining life, as we know it.

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