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The Hippocratic Oath Today But can the role of heredity really be dismissed so easily? In fact, the meager tally of human genes is not the affront to our species' self-esteem as it first appears.

Pro nurture

Self-Analysis Post Throughout the duration of this blog project, my knowledge of the nature vs. I began with the basic information about the two: I was aware about some controversial topics such as homosexuality and obesity, but I was not fully knowledgeable about the details until I further investigated the topic.

The question of inherited or acquired traits are at the center of this entire debate. People do not know what traits can be attributed to what cause. For example, if a child is obese, then who is to blame? Parents or the Pro nurture By this, I mean that a husband and wife raise a child in their own home and teach them everything, confining the child to within home limits.

What is this considered as? Parents share genes, yet parents also serve as the nurturing component. I thought about this and decided that this situation is mostly genetic. A child gets his or her genes from parents, and the entire situation is connected by genetics.

The definition of nature vs. There could also be a family environment, one could argue for that. This is also supported by twin studies.

Observing parent-child behaviors is much like observing twins interact. Twins share genetic material as well as social and cultural environments.

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Keeping them together would do no benefit in observing their behaviors; they need to be reared apart. When twin behavior is observed when raised together, researchers are most likely to attribute behavior to nature, not nurture.

Another intriguing facet of my discoveries includes the concept of feral children.

Pro nurture

Investigating this topic made me realize the importance of education in order to become a human Yes, that may sound awkward: When you think about it, people must learn how to eat with etiquette, walk, talk, etc.

These abilities do not come inborn; they must be learned. However, natural bodily functions are excluded because a child does not need to learn how to breathe and blink these reflexes are more towards the biology aspect, which I will not delve into at the moment.

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What are the pros and cons of nature vs nurture

The pros and cons of nature versus nurture are quite barnweddingvt.comeement is perhaps the biggest con, or debate. The nature vs nurture debate goes on and on, but still, it is a fact that we have traits that are predetermined by our genes, but we can still choose who we want to be as we travel through our lifetime.

As it turns out, the development of prosocial behavior is a matter of both nature and nurture; genes and parenting (Saturn ). (pro-social behaviors) and I've seen month-olds who exhibit.

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