Personal computer and microsoft

Apple Computer introduces Apple II.

Personal computer and microsoft

In Microsoft came out with its Windows operating system, which gave PC compatibles some of the same capabilities as the Macintosh. Year after year, Microsoft refined and improved Windows so that Apple, which failed to come up with a significant… Founding and early growth In Bill Gates and Paul G.

Shortly afterward, Gates and Allen founded Microsoft, deriving the name from the words microcomputer and software. Microsoft deepened its position in operating systems with Windowsa graphical user interface whose third version, released ingained a wide following. ByWindows 3. Microsoft also became the leader in productivity software such as word-processing and spreadsheet programs, outdistancing longtime rivals Lotus and WordPerfect in the process.

IBM Archives Microsoft dramatically expanded its electronic publishing division, created in and already notable for the success of its multimedia encyclopaedia, Encarta. It also entered the information services and entertainment industries with a wide range of products and services, most notably the Microsoft Network and MSNBC a joint venture with the National Broadcasting Companya major American television network.

As a result, by the mids Microsoft, which became a publicly owned corporation inhad become one of the most powerful and profitable companies in American history.

It consistently earned profits of 25 cents on every sales dollar, an astonishing record. Microsoft and its defenders countered that, far from stifling competition and technical innovationits rise had encouraged both and that its software had consistently become less expensive and more useful.

Personal computer and microsoft

Justice Department investigation concluded in with a settlement in which Microsoft changed some sales practices that the government contended enabled the company to unfairly discourage OS customers from trying alternative programs. Chasing the Internet Partly because of its stunning success in PC software, Microsoft was slow to realize the commercial possibilities of network systems and the Internet.

In it released Windows NT, a landmark program that tied disparate PCs together and offered improved reliability and network security.

Microsoft did not move into Internet software until a new venture, Netscape Communications Corp. In a violent change of course, Microsoft quickly developed its own browser, Internet Explorermade it free, and moved aggressively to persuade computer makers and Internet service providers to distribute it exclusively.

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In response, Netscape accused Microsoft of violating its consent decree and sued; those efforts helped to persuade the Justice Department to reopen a broad investigation of Microsoft.

Microsoft corporate vice president J Allard left and chairman Bill Gates unveil the company's latest Zune media players. In an appeals court overturned the breakup order but still found the company guilty of illegally trying to maintain a monopoly.

Entry into the gaming and mobile phone markets In Microsoft released the Xboxan electronic game console that quickly captured second place in the video gaming market. In it launched Xbox Livea broadband gaming network for its consoles.

A more powerful gaming console, the Xboxwas released in In an intensely competitive market, where the Xbox faced strong pressure from the Nintendo Wii and Sony PlayStationMicrosoft struggled through the years to make consistent profits from its console.

For example, in the company cut the price of the Xbox Elite by as much as 25 percent in order to pick up market share. The move was successful; by the Xbox was the most-used game console in the American home.

Microsoft's next-generation Xbox video game machine, shown here mounted in large demonstration units, drawing visitors at the Tokyo Game Show in In Microsoft ceased publishing online and disc versions of its Encarta encyclopaedia. Further developments in Windows OS Microsoft began planning a major replacement for all of its operating systems in The company started over, and the new operating system, renamed Vista, was released to other software developers late in and to the general public in Like most new operating systems, Vista met with initial problems involving incompatibilities with older computer peripherals.A personal computer (PC) is a computer whose price, size, and capabilities make it useful for individuals.

We may never know who coined the phrase with the intent of a small affordable computing device but John W.

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Personal computer and microsoft

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