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Principal Business According to the prospectus, Hyphens is one of the leading specialty pharmaceutical and consumer healthcare groups. The group now comprises 3 core businesses:

Osim international

Great Value brand Great Value was launched in but products were made as early as Osim international forms the second tier, or national brand equivalent "NBE"of Walmart's grocery branding strategy.

As a house or store brand, the Great Value line does not consist of goods produced by Walmart, but is a labeling system for items manufactured and packaged by a number of agricultural and food corporations, such as ConAgra ,[ citation needed ] and Sara Lee [ citation needed ] which, in addition to releasing products under its own brands and exclusively for Walmart, also manufactures and brands foods for a variety of other chain stores.

Often, this labeling system, to the dismay of consumers, does not list location of manufacture of the product. Walmart contends that all Great Value products are produced in the United States.

As Walmart's most extensively developed retail brand, covering hundreds of household consumable items, the Great Value line includes sliced bread, frozen vegetables, frozen dinners, canned foods, light bulbs, trash Osim international, buttermilk biscuits, cinnamon rolls, pies, and many other traditional grocery store products.

The wide range of items marketed under the Great Value banner makes it Walmart's top-selling retail brand.

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Great Value brand products as well as Walmart merchandise are also present in Seiyu grocery stores owned by Walmart in Tokyo, Japan as of Octoberdespite at least one report of a transition away from the brand. The new redesign also includes over 80 new items, including thin-crust pizza, fat-free caramel swirl ice cream, strawberry yogurt, organic cage-free eggs, double-stuffed sandwich cookies, and teriyaki beef jerky.

Walmart changed the formulas for items, including: The new brand was tested by over 2, people. Equate — consumable pharmacy and health and beauty items, such as shaving creamskin lotionover-the-counter medicationsand pregnancy tests.

Before its takeover by Walmart, the formerly independent Equate brand sold consumer products at both Osim international and Walmart at lower prices than those of name brands. Equate is an example of the strength of Walmart's private label store brand. In a study, The Hartman Group marketing research firm issued a report which found that "Five of the top 10 "likely to purchase" private label brands are managed by Walmart including: Mainstays[ edit ] Mainstays is a brand marketed by Walmart for its lower-priced lines of bedding, kitchen utensils, ready-to-assemble furniture, and home decor.

Ol' Roy[ edit ] Ol' Roy is Walmart's store brand of dog foodcreated in and named after Sam Walton 's bird dog. Food and Drug Administration Center for Veterinary Medicine due to suspicion that the anesthetizing drug may have found its way into pet foods through euthanized animals, including cats and dogs.

DNA test for all the samples failed to detect cat and dog DNA but multiple Ol' Roy samples tested positive for the drug, presumably from rendered cattle.

The CVM has said that due to the low level of exposure, the risk of adverse effects was low. Parent's Choice[ edit ] Parent's Choice is Walmart's store brand for baby products, including diapers, formula, and accessories. Like other Walmart store brands, its design and packaging was relaunched in Parent's Choice is manufactured by Wyeth a pharmaceutical company.

It includes very basic grocery items, trash bags, and paper goods. It was launched as an experimental brand targeted towards the most budget-conscious shoppers. It is the lowest priced brand at Walmart and availability varies by stores. Non grocery items include paper towels, toilet tissue, trash bags, and food storage bags.

Play Day[ edit ] Play Day is a wide-ranging brand of budget-priced children's toys. Play Day launched in between mid and early, as a replacement brand for Kid Connection.

Casemate was the same purpose of school and office supplies, but they found a better name for the brand in late Homelines[ edit ] Better Homes and Gardens is a product line with designs inspired from the popular magazine of the same name.

Hometrends products include small furniture, tableware and various home decor accessories, such as rugs and faux plants. Mainstays Kids Others[ edit ] Allswell, a luxury bedding and mattress brand owned by Walmart, but only sold direct to consumer [11] AutoDrive — car care products, automotive detailing products, and interior accessories Backyard Grill — grills, charcoal, and grilling accessories Best Occasions — party decorations and accessories, such as candles and hats Blackweb — premium computer and mobile phone accessories keyboards, speakers, headphones, portable batteries, etc.

BuzzFeed — Tasty kitchen tools Walmart exclusive [12] Clear American — carbonated and flavored water. Was previously known as Sam's Choice Clear American Co Squared, a cosmetics brand owned by Walmart, but only sold direct to consumer [13] ColorPlace — paint and painting tools.

Models include Xtra-Trac and Touring.

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Some models are made in a Goodyear plant. EverStart is the brand for automotive and lawn mower batteries. The brand is also used for battery related accessories, such as jumper cables.

Osim international

EverStart batteries are manufactured by Johnson Controls, Inc. Fire Side Gourmet — pre-cooked burgers and steaks was previously under the Sam's Choice label Gold's Gym — athletic and exercise equipment such as weights.

Named after and licensed from the chain of fitness centers. Holiday Time — Christmas items such as Christmas treesdecorations, and wrapping paper Home Bake Value — bread[ citation needed ] Hyper Tough — hand tools, power tools, and hardware Kid Connection is used primarily for children's toys, but was also used for children's clothing and shoes.

Osim international

This brand is comparable to World Table and is manufactured in Canada exclusively for Walmart Canada. Ozark Trail — outdoor equipment and footwear.

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The brand is also used on other consumable automotive products, such as oil filters, windshield wiper fluid, and transmission fluid.Do you trust OSIM International? Join 8 customers in voicing your opinion today!

| barnweddingvt.com Page 1. OSIM ® uSqueez Foot Massager with Heat ® Exclusively for Brookstone ® Designed and Developed by OSIM International Ltd.

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There are 9 REIT in Singapore with a combined market capitalisation of S$ billion are included in the newly launched FTSE ST Singapore Shariah Index. The property assets of the REITs, span industrial, e-commerce, commercial and retail space. In October , OSIM made a strategic acquisition of US Nationwide specialty retailer Brookstone.

OSIM is a combination of the surname of its founder, Sim, and 'O' that stands for the globe. OSIM is a combination of the surname of its founder, Sim, and 'O' that stands for the barnweddingvt.com income: S$ million ().

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