National chung hsing university essay

Popularity National Chung Hsing University scholarships for international students, International scholarships, fellowships or grants are offered to students outside the country where the university is located.

National chung hsing university essay

At present, the University has more than 17 thousand students, of which over 2, are graduate students. In addition the University has more than a thousand people of staff and faculty members.

For administration, the University has three main offices and five subsidiary offices.

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The University also has several service centers, a library, and other sub-units. The service centers include the Computer Center and Art Center. Student life Following closely the guidelines set forth in Life Handbook with Etiquette Illustrations and Plan for Implementation of Life Education promulgated by the Ministry of EducationNational Chung Hsing University makes every effort to offer students assistance, guidance, service, and encouragement to help them solve problems related to their daily life at the university.

In addition, the university keeps in close contact with each student's family to help cultivate high moral character.

Thus the university sees to it that all students are provided with a wide range of services, no matter whether they are living on or off campus.

Counseling and guidance To help students better understand themselves and solve their personal problems, the university established a Student Counseling and Guidance Center. The center conducts testing programs related to students' personality, general ability, career aptitudes and interests, and provides students consultation services through telephone calls, correspondence, interviews, home visits, and public lectures.

The center also provides related books and periodicals. Extracurricular activities The university has student clubs and societies, which are joined mostly by undergraduate students. Every student has to be affiliated with his or her department association and the General Students Association.

The aim of the extracurricular activities is to make the students understand the importance of self-determination under university regulations. Each student is expected to learn the essence of ethical, intellectual, physical, social as well as aesthetic training from a variety of activities. Above all, the university puts forth their best efforts to enhance the students' sense of morality.

It aims to take care of both physical and mental health of all members of the university community. It offers the following services: Consultation on internal medicine, dentistry, psychiatry, and sports injury Health information and health counseling Sanitary education: This office is responsible for student labor education and work-study management.

In addition, this office deals with the administration of scholarships, student loans, and tuition reduction and waivers. Counseling Services for Overseas Chinese and International Students The Counseling Office for Overseas Chinese and International Students aims to help those students regarding their visa and scholarship applications, and other matters concerning them.

The office also issues work permits and medical insurance permits for overseas Chinese and international students. Official Journal Graduate School of History: Chung-Hsing Historiography Notable alumni.

· National Chung Hsing University. International Degree-seeking Students Scholarship / Current Students. Tuition Waiver. Tuition Waiver 0. Tuition Waiver Tuition Waiver 0. Tuition Waiver Tuition Waiver  · National Chung Hsing University has an enrollment of students, which can be broken down to 1, doctoral students, 9, bachelor students and 5, masters students.

The number of international students is about National Chung Hsing University Essay Sample. My name is Lydia. My parents gave me this name and hoped that I could be friendly and always in good Proceedings of the Conference of Forest Recreation and Sustainable Management.

, November , Huisun Forest Station, Experimental Forest Administration, National Chung Hsing University, National Chung Hsing University About the Program PAX (Program for Academic eXchange) is designed to facilitate international cooperation and exchange with partner institutions of NCHU.

National Chung Hsing University. College & University in Taichung, Taiwan. out of 5 stars.

National chung hsing university essay

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