Ethical dilemma example college essay

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Ethical dilemma example college essay

Background[ edit ] Philosopher Jeremy Bentham has been regarded as the "father" of the ticking time bomb argument. Suppose an occasion to arise, in which a suspicion is entertained, as strong as that which would be received as a sufficient ethical dilemma example college essay for arrest and commitment as for felony — a suspicion that at this very time a considerable number of individuals are actually suffering, by illegal violence inflictions equal in intensity to those which if inflicted by the hand of justice, would universally be spoken of under the name of torture.

For the purpose of rescuing from torture these hundred innocents, should any scruple be made of applying equal or superior torture, to extract the requisite information from the mouth of one criminal, who having it in his power to make known the place where at this time the enormity was practicing or about to be practiced, should refuse to do so?

The version in the novel has the following conditions: There are reasonable grounds for believing that he is likely to tell the truth if severe torture is threatened, and, if necessary, applied to him.

There are reasonable grounds for believing that no other means would have the effect of compelling him to tell the truth. There are grounds for believing that if the information is obtained quickly, there is a good chance of defusing the bomb before it goes off.

There are reasonable grounds for believing that the likely damage to be caused by the bomb will include death of ethical dilemma example college essay citizens, the maiming of others, including the infliction of much more severe pain on others with much more lasting effect than will be the effect of the infliction of torture on the person who has been captured; There are reasonable grounds for believing that the torturing will not have consequences which would be worse than the damage likely to result from the bomb going off.

According to Darius Rejalia professor of political science at Reed Collegethe possibility of sudden, massive destruction of innocent life provided French liberals with a more acceptable justification for committing torture.

He argued that human nature can lead to unregulated abuse "off the books".

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Therefore, it would be better if there were a regulated procedure through which an interrogator could request a "torture warrant" and that requiring a warrant would establish a paper trail of accountability.

Torturers, and those who authorize torture, could be held to account for excesses. Dershowitz's suggested torture warrants, similar to search warrants, arrest warrants and phone tap warrants, would spell out the limits on the techniques that interrogators may use, and the extent to which they may abridge a suspect's rights.

Understanding the Threat, Responding to the Challenge, Richard Posnerlegal scholar and judge of the United States Court of Appeals for the Seventh Circuit, wrote in The New Republic"If torture is the only means of obtaining the information necessary to prevent the detonation of a nuclear bomb in Times Squaretorture should be used--and will be used--to obtain the information No one who doubts that this is the case should be in a position of responsibility.

We have captured a terrorist, but he is a hardened character.

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We cannot be certain that he will crack in time. We have also captured his wife and children'. After much agonising, I have come to the conclusion that there is only one answer to Sydney Kentridge 's question. Torture the wife and children. They reject the proposition, implicit or explicit, that certain acts of torture are justifiable, even desirable.

They believe that simplistic responses to the scenario may lead well-intentioned societies down a slippery slope to legalized and systematic torture. They point out that no evidence of any real-life situation meeting all the criteria to constitute a pure ticking bomb scenario has ever been presented to the public, and that such a situation is highly unlikely.

Additionally, since the terrorist presumably knows that the timer is ticking, he has an excellent reason to lie and give false information under torture in order to misdirect his interrogators; merely giving a convincing answer which the investigators will waste time checking out makes it more likely that the bomb will go off, and of course once the bomb has gone off, not only has the terrorist won, but there is also no further point in torturing him, except perhaps as revenge.

Others point out that the ticking-bomb torture proponents adopt an extremely short-term view, which impoverishes their consequentialism.

Using torture—or even declaring that one is prepared to accept its use—makes other groups of people much more likely to use torture themselves in the long run. The consequence is likely to be a long-term increase in violence.

This long-term effect is so serious that the person making the torture decision cannot possibly according to this argument make a reasonable estimate of its results. Thus the decision-maker has no grounds for certainty that the value of the lives saved from the ticking bomb will outweigh the value of the lives lost because of the subsequent disorder.

He or she cannot arrive at a successful accounting of consequences. This anti-torture argument, in fact, works by positing that human knowledge has intrinsic limits. An analogous argument holds that human decision-makers are fundamentally prone in certain situations to believe that their judgment is better than it is, and that, to be ethical, they must pre-commit themselves to a particular course of action in those situations.

Knowing that, under stress, they will never be able to accurately assess the likely success of torture in obtaining information needed to prevent an attack, humans thus pre-commit to not torture.

In general, this family of arguments faults the "ticking-bomb" scenario for implicitly including an incorrect presumption that the decision-maker can know in advance the outcome of torture, either in the short run likelihood that it will prevent an attack or the long run likelihood that it will not set off a general increase in human violence.

Only a psychopath can torture and be unaffected. They are untrustworthy, and tend to have grotesque other problems.Women's Voice supports the empowerment of women, from local to global. Women’s Voice is a non-profit Charitable Incorporated Organisation (CIO), run by women for women in Hastings & St Leonards.

ethical dilemma example college essay

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Ethics or moral philosophy is a branch of philosophy that involves systematizing, defending, and recommending concepts of right and wrong conduct. The field of ethics, along with aesthetics, concern matters of value, and thus comprise the branch of philosophy called axiology..

Holistic Solutions for Authentic Learning Under deontology, an act may be considered right even if the act produces a bad consequence, [35] if it follows the rule or moral law. According to the deontological view, people have a duty to act in a way that does those things that are inherently good as acts "truth-telling" for exampleor follow an objectively obligatory rule as in rule utilitarianism.
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ethical dilemma example college essay
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