Essays for year round schooling

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Essays for year round schooling

Year Round School- A… Throughout time education has been considered a process that every so often must be improved. The education quality in the U.

A more recent proposal has been to go from a traditional nine month schedule to an all year program. Supporters of year round school claim it gives the student a better education. However, the prospect of year round school is not beneficial to the taxpayers pocket, to the education a student receives, or to the people involved with the district.

All year school ends up costing the school district and surrounding community more money than a traditional nine month schedule. Currently, a district uses a lot of its budget on paying teachers. Once the increased costs are put in place, the budget depletes rapidly.

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Yet teachers must be paid, as they are the cornerstone of education. Also, it takes additional funds to run the school all year, due to things such as air conditioning in the summer White Many schools due not currently need AC systems to be used.

However, AC is a costly amenity and if schools are held open three additional months, AC becomes a heavy factor. Costs per school for items, such as paper, increase due to constant use.

Students would be deprived of such simple items such as worksheets or class handouts. Outside costs, such as transportation and equipment for activities would go up for constant maintenance Sardo Brown Buses that travel every school day use the districts money for gasoline and repairs.

The money needed to cover the maintenance These costs can be very hard for a district to swallow, because they must be covered by someone. Taxes would have to shoot up to solve the dilemma. Overall, the costs add up and equal a loss for students environment.

Due to the structuring, students and teachers would not be given time to recuperate from the prior year and to prepare for the future. Many students use the summer for a vacation with their parents. However, with a school in the summer it would be much harder for a family to find a convenient time.

Research shows that students would be more likely to burnout from school as they are not given an extended break in the summer White Teachers are also not given enough time to prepare for their next incoming class Sevetson 3. An unprepared teacher can only mean much more time wasted.

The summer has also been a time when students can change their lifestyles. With year round school, many lose that chance to change an attitude problem or become wiser. It is important that students continue to mature throughout high school. Year- round school does not guarantee that this will occur.

Time spent with friends would also decrease as many students run on different schedules. However, year round school separates most students into about two or three different schedules Somerby 8. Students are not given any preference as to which one they follow and it is simply a luck of the draw.

The biggest problem would be the adaptation to a schedule by the students and teachers.

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For students already in junior high or high school, year round school would be a hard schedule to follow Sevetson 2. After years of following one method, they would be told to suddenly switch tracks completely.

Students would then lose a chance for improved education. Similarly, teachers would not have the time needed to take additional classes to improve their teaching methods Somerby 9.

Students moving out of the district would be in conflict with a district that had a nine month schedule. Also, special events such as graduation or the beginning of the school year would all be lost in the shuffle from year to year Sardo- Brown This means that after years of hard work in school, graduating seniors would all but not matter.

A revision does indeed need to occur in the U. The facts all do point to other countries flying by the U. However, year round school is not what students need.

It has too many downfalls and not enough benefits. Costs and scheduling are too huge of problems to be ignored.Free Essay: Year Round Schooling For the most part most public schools these days attend school for 9 months. With the allowed breaks and holidays it. Home / Research paper year round school / Allgemein / Research paper year round school.

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essays for year round schooling

All year Round School While most students are at home or on trips with family, some are in school working all summer long. This is not because they have summer school, but because their school.

Year round schooling can be disruptive to both the family of the students and the teachers themselves, it can be too costly for a large group of people, and year round schools do not provide the same opportunity for learning as the traditional school year . Essay on settings politics in pakistan innovation essay writing english topics essay about business communication university practice research paper for ssc about hometown essay language and communication paper format for essay for scholarship essay writing tutor online placements art essay paper greeting cards ideas apartheid essay.

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