Critical book review robert reminis andrew jackson essay

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Critical book review robert reminis andrew jackson essay

Remini was a historian and professor at the University of Illinois and was known as an exhaustive biographer of Andrew Jackson.

Critical book review robert reminis andrew jackson essay

He was named historian of the U. House of Representatives in and later authored a narrative history of that legislative body. Remini died earlier this year at the age of I assume, therefore, that the difficulty Remini encountered was not in shortening and re-writing the more extensive text, but was more a matter of choosing which three-of-every-four sentences to strike, and which one to keep.

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On that basis this biography is an extremely stylistically familiar synopsis of the excellent and much longer series. He almost single-handedly changed the trajectory of American politics during his presidency. And as a husband he was much to my surprise charmingly and uncommonly devoted to his wife — even after her death.

In every way he deserves a great biography and Remini proves himself up to the challenge. This biography captures nearly all of the best of the series while leaving behind only less-crucial detail and ancillary color.SFRA Review, , March 49 ing into the "critical quagmire" of definition, he begins his essay with a com parison of language in the opening passages of Orwell's Coming Up for Air and Pohl and Kornbluth's The Space Merchants.

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Critical Book Review Robert Remini's Andrew Jackson Robert Remini’s biography of Andrew Jackson is a book with only pages, probably the shortest biography on Jackson written.


This book is a great book for high school or college level students. arly and critical material for ten years, had been discontinued in There Andrew Turnbull s memoir-biography (), Sheilah Grahams several only previous such book is A.

Robert Lee s Scott Fitzgerald: The Promises of Life (), published in England. American history, Andrew Jackson, biographies, book reviews, presidential biographies, Presidents, Robert Remini “ The Life of Andrew Jackson ” by Robert Remini is the single-volume abridgment of the author’s classic three-volume series on Andrew Jackson which was published between and

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