An examination of philip larkins views on childhood and his portrayal of a realistic picture of life

English is undoubtedly the international lingua franca, and this fact has turned it into the vehicle and distinguishing mark of the globalised era in the fields of commerce, politics, diplomacy, general communications and the internet. However, this paper will deal specifically with the challenges faced by English literature in the age of globalisation. This will be done by addressing issues such as:

An examination of philip larkins views on childhood and his portrayal of a realistic picture of life

Sometimes They Come Back Known at first for playing the role of Major General Colt in the cult movie, Kelly's Heroes, he later found fame as the bigoted workingman Archie Bunker, the main character in the s CBS television sitcoms All in the Family to and Archie Bunker's Place to After three pilots done between toa network change to CBS, and the last name of the character changed to Bunker, the new sitcom was renamed All in the Family.

Wanting a well-known actor to tackle the controversial material, Lear had approached Jackie Gleason and Mickey Rooney to play Archie; both declined.

O'Connor accepted, not expecting the show to be a success and believing he would be able to move back to Europe. Instead, the show became the highest-rated television program on American television for five consecutive seasons until the season the sixth season.

The Cosby Show has since met the record set by All in the Family. O'Connor's own politics were liberal, but he understood the Bunker character and played him not only with bombast and humor but with touches of vulnerability. The writing on the show was consistently left of center, but O'Connor often deftly skewered the liberal pieties of the day.

The result is widely considered to be an absorbing, entertaining television show. Although Bunker was famous for his malapropisms of the English language, O'Connor was highly educated and cultured and was an English teacher before he turned to acting. The producer sent the show over to ABC twice, but it didn't get picked up.

They then approached CBS with more success, and accordingly, All in the Family was retooled and debuted early in The cast had a unique on- and off-camera chemistry, especially Reiner, who became O'Connor's best friend and favorite actor.

CBS was unsure whether the controversial subject matter of All in the Family would fit well into a sitcom. Racial issues, ethnicities, religions, and other timely topics were addressed. Thought-provoking, well-written, and well-cast, the show transformed the formerly inane sitcom format into something with dramatic social substance, becoming an enormous hit along the way.

Archie Bunker's popularity made O'Connor a top-billing star of the s. O'Connor was afraid of being typecast for playing such a popular and distinctive character. At the same time, he was protective of not just his character, but of the entire show. A contract dispute between O'Connor and Lear marred the beginning of the show's fifth season.

Eventually, O'Connor got a raise and appeared in the series until it ended. For his work as Archie Bunker, he was nominated for eight Emmy Awards as Outstanding Lead Actor in a Comedy Series; he won the award four times,and At the end of the eighth season inReiner and Struthers left the series to pursue other projects, but O'Connor and Stapleton still had one year left on their contracts.

At the start of the final year, the show cast a child actress, Danielle Brisebois, in the role of Archie's and Edith's niece, Stephanie Mills.

An examination of philip larkins views on childhood and his portrayal of a realistic picture of life

The series was finally cancelled in after nine seasons and episodes. Longtime friend and original series star Jean Stapleton reprised her role as Edith Bunker, but her screen time was limited. Her character died of a stroke, leaving Archie to cope with the loss.

Danielle Brisebois played Stephanie Mills, Archie's niece in the series. The show was a hit, but not as big as its parent show.The year-old righty has given up zero runs in five of his last seven starts, lowering his ERA to â second in the American League to Felix Hernandez ().

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Breasley is entirely committed to his art and his whole life - including his morality - is subordinated to his work. 'He insists that the artist's responsibility is primarily to his work and that the artist's life is an integrai part of his art.

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