An analysis of the character of charlie houser

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An analysis of the character of charlie houser

He is a member of the Zootopia Police Departmentworking as a receptionist and a radio dispatcher.

An analysis of the character of charlie houser

Contents [ show ] Background Clawhauser is the ZPD 's resident cheetah, and has been under their employment for a number of years, working at the front desk as a receptionist. Because his particular job on the force requires very little mobility, Clawhauser spends most of his time indulging himself in food and media which, after so many years, would result in his hefty size.

This is due to Clawhauser's double position as a radio dispatcher, as he is directly contacted by other officers, and visitors to the headquarters, and seems to be the individual tasked with radioing the chief when the latter is needed.

Quite notably, Clawhauser is obsessed with Zootopia 's pop sensation, Gazelle. He owns merchandise of the singer, refers to her as an "angel with horns", and has shown great fondness for an app that allows a user to tag an image of their face onto one of Gazelle's background dancers, simulating his apparent fantasy of meeting Gazelle, and subsequently joining her group.

He humorously shares this fondness with Chief Bogo; although the latter was seemingly embarrassed by this at first, he and Clawhauser can be seen bonding over Gazelle during the film's end credits, embracing their mutual love for the singer.

Official Description Clawhauser loves two things: From his reception desk, he greets everyone with a warm smile and a helpful paw—covered in sprinkles. Development In concept art for the film, Clawhauser was a tabby cat named Hugo, and wore the shirt that was eventually given to Nick Wilde.

In his first few stages of development, Clawhauser was friends with Nick, Finnickand a badger character named Honeyrather than serving as one of Judy 's first allies.

Concept art shows that Clawhauser was one of the many characters forced to endure this. When the story underwent a major revision that placed Judy Hopps as the lead, Clawhauser remained in the movie, but was reworked to maintain his prominent role, now working at the Zootopia Police Department as Judy's co-worker and only friend.

An analysis of the character of charlie houser

Additionally, choices were consciously made by the filmmakers and animators to ensure Clawhauser, midst the bigotry of his fellow officers, was established as a friend to Judy, rather than another oppressor. He was the first and for a while, the only officer to show Judy any amount of kindness or respect.

He found her to be adorable, but never underestimated her as a cop, showing that he was above bigotry. Also, he was quick to maintain his image of tolerance; when Judy informed him that other animals calling bunnies "cute" was considered offensive, he gasped and immediately apologized for stereotyping her.

He is also very social; with outgoing charm, he greets all who enter the ZPD with a warm smile, going as far as to casually mingle with arrested perps that are escorted to the front desk.

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This can sometimes distract him from his work, even in the midst of a serious situation. While not dim-witted, he can occasionally be absent-minded and can miss the obvious such as failing to notice a donut stuck in the fold of his neck, or his obnoxious drinking disturbing a working Judy.

Clawhauser is nevertheless an efficient employee and a significant member of Bogo's menagerie. Appearances Zootopia Clawhauser in Zootopia.


Clawhauser is first seen having a bowl of cereal, when he is greeted at the front desk by Judy Hoppsthe department's latest recruit, who is notable for being the first bunny cop on the force.

The appearance of Judy, and the significance of her role, both shocks and delights Clawhauser, who voices his fondness for Judy's "cuteness".

Judy cringes at Clawhauser's comments, indirectly asking him to refrain from calling her "cute", as it can be seen as a slur to a bunny, when it is given from a non-bunny mammal. Clawhauser, being as sweet as he is, immediately apologizes, claiming that he has no right to go around stereotyping other animals, as he is often subject of stereotype himself, being seen as a "flabby, donut-loving cop", although he apparently fits this perception, having a donut stuck within the fold of his neck, and immediately eating it with zeal after Judy points it out.

Clawhauser then directs Judy to roll call, and sympathetically comments that, due to prejudice, the bunny is moments away from receiving awful treatment amongst her peers.

Clawhauser assisting Judy in her first case. Later on, Clawhauser is visited by the distraught Mrs. Ottertonwho wishes to see Chief Bogothough Clawhauser tries to explain that she must wait to be called, like everyone else.

Despite this, Otterton manages to bypass Clawhauser, who tries to stop her, only to fail due to how slippery she is. It turns out she is searching for her husband, Mr. Ottertonwho has been missing for a number of days. Judy volunteers to find him, despite Bogo's unwillingness to keep her on the force.

Judy is then sent to Clawhauser to receive background information on Otterton's disappearance, and unknowingly helps her uncover a key witness to the case, Nick Wildeby using his drink bottle which she removed from his straw after she heard him slurping as a magnifying glass on Otterton's profile image, spotting Nick in the background of the scene.

Judy's investigation leads her to the Rainforest Districtwhere she is attacked by a jaguar that has gone savage due to unknown circumstances.THE LEHRER/LEHRER LITERARY HOUR. By Victoria Dawson.

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